Unable to access Facebook page: Sorry, something went wrong: Please try closing and re-opening your browser window error message

I was trying to access my page and got a message that said: Sorry, something went wrong: Please try closing and re-opening your browser window error message, how do I fix this? If you have found yourself in this situation one of the first things you might have done is google the phrase “Please try closing and re-opening your browser window. Facebook error”

You may have seen several people raising this issue on Facebook Help and seen members of the the Facebook Help support recommend that you clear your browser’s cookies and do an IP flush, if you have done this and it didn’t work it means you have probably ended up in this page.

Notice that this post is about how to regain access to your facebook page via your laptop or PC if you are seeing this error, not about regaining access to your profile whilst seeing the same error warning, if you have been locked out of your Facebook account and are seeing this error notice please check this post.

So how do you regain access to your page when seeing the “Sorry, something went wrong: Please try closing and re-opening your browser window” error message you might ask after you have already cleared your cookies and done everything that Facebook Support posts recommend.

First off, it is necessary to explain that one of the reasons why clearing your cookies failed is because this error is not strictly a cookies issue, you might have realised this whilst attempting to access your facebook page from different browsers and/or from different laptops or PCs. If the problem is present after doing this, it signals that this error is most likely due to a Facebook glitch or activity you may have been performing within your page that might have raised Facebook flags.

The most immediate thing thing you will want to do is regain access to your page from your PC or laptop, you may have noticed that you can still access your page through your android phone, meaning that this is most probably a glitch that happens only on the PC and laptop version of Facebook. In order to regain access to your page through the PC and laptop version type the line “/about” after your page url like this through this url you will be able to access the about section of your page, the reason why you will be able to regain access in this way is because usually this error is present in the home tab or the specific tab where the suspicious activity or the glitch is happening, but all the other tabs and sections of your page are working properly.

Accessing your page from the tab and then moving on from there to all other tabs will not make the issue go away from the home tab, but it will allow you to access and administer your page as an admin from your laptop or PC, being able to change settings and or post content through accessing the post tabs.

Once you regain access make sure the problem is not due to using sensitive apps which we used by adding in facebook , like htc (auto liker), autodesk etc,

1. Open your account in your android phone by using chrome or other browser you are using.(you may know that if you open facebook in app it can not work.

2. Then you should go to (account setting) and then (apps) .

3. If you see there are many apps enabled and used via facebook, you should select them one by one and remove.

4. After that you should open it from your pc it will work.

The good news about this is that you can still post, administer your page normally despite this problem, if you wish to post, you can do it from the post tab which will be active and if you wish to do.

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